The Villster Resort Kalga


Kalgha, Sosan, Himachal Pradesh 175105



3000 (single) – 3500 (double)

Room named after species of cedar tree. The wood, resin and bark have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cancer properties The stunning & cozy roomDeodar offers you a full Amazing view of snow clad mountains of Sar Pass,Animal Pass & the tranquil Parvati.


2300 (single) – 2800 (double)
Room named after green oak a species of oak native to India’s western Himalaya you can easily spot it in Parvati/kasol valley. The principle spotlight of this room is the stunning view of Fairy forest of kalga village. Ready with all necessary facilities consisting of attached Washroom.


There are a total of five rooms in this category, four of which are in one building and the fifth on another.This category includes a total of five rooms, with four of them located in one structure and the fifth on another. For these rooms, there are a total of 3 bathrooms. 4 attic rooms are served by two bathrooms. The first storey of another building houses the mud castle room.washroom of mud castle lies on ground floor

Room 1

1500 (single) - 2000 (double)

Room named after Brown oak or Kharshu oak. It is commonly found in temperate and sub-alpine area of Himachal Pardesh.You’ll love the stylish décor

of the rooms. The standard spotlight of this room is the dazzling view of Animal Pass,Tosh Village and lush green valley Parvati valley.

Room 2

1500 (single) - 2000 (double)

Room is named after Flying Squirrel local people named it Een. Tourist can easily spot as they areregular visitor to the tree just outside the room.

The precept highlight of this room is the lovely snow-clad Mountain view over the complete wooded vicinity that it provides.

Room 3

1500 (single) - 2000 (double)

Room is named after Himalayan brown goral they Habitat steep but grassy mountain slopes with low tree cover and moderate shrubs interspersed with cliffs.They can seen on high altitude areas of Kheerganga and Bun Buni Pass which is just 1 day away from the Property but need proper trekking equipments to

Room 4

1500 (single) - 2000 (double)

Room is named after Bras tree it looks stunning and Bras Flowers are red in colour.The flower powder snuffed to stop nose bleeding, flower juice is given
to children to cure blood dysentery. This stylish and unique place sets the stage for a memorable trip located on top floor in attic. 

room 5

1500 (single) - 2000 (double)

The Mud Castle have Kath Kuni Structure and constructed with stones and Deodar wood.Walls are coated with Mud which gives local traditional touch to theroom. Made with all natural materials which are locally availabe.The room offers a picturesque view of Animal Pass, Sar Pass, and Tosh Village. 


Cottage 1

The Italian-style cottage, which bears the name of a nearby tree called Khanoor, has a large open balcony and a number of apple trees surrounding it. Because the villa has large glass windows, you can overlook the snow-covered mountains of Sar Pass and Animal Pass from your bedroom.

Cottage 2

Cottage is named after local tree Mahaan and build in Italian Architecture; it has big open balcony  and lots of apple tree surrounding the cottage. The ground floor of the villa houses the chimney and the workspace. Villas come with attached bathrooms.


The Italian-style cottage, which bears the name Kayal after a nearby tree, has a large open balcony and a number of apple trees surrounding it. The workstation and the chimney are located on the ground floor of the residence. There are linked bathrooms in villas.